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Double H Bird Dogs is a business focused on hunting dogs, specifically bird dogs. We specialize in breeding, training, and health services for these dogs. Our customers are people who are looking to buy pure breed bird dogs or have their dog trained to be a bird dog. We also have facilities for treating sick or injured dogs.

Bird dogs are hunting dogs that, as the name says, hunts or retrieves birds with their human owners. There are several different hunting dog breeds and you can find out more about them on our BREEDS page. Many hunting dogs also make great house pets and can be very good companions. However, training and socialization at the right age are very important.

Double H Bird Dogs is passionate about dogs, hunting, and making sure that all hunting dogs are safe and well-treated. Breeding happens under very strict conditions and completely within the law. Our training school is state-of-the-art and requires full participation by the owners. Without the owner’s involvement, training is a waste of time.

If you are interested in buying a bird dog or already own one and need some advice or medical treatment, Double H Bird Dog can help you. Feel free to contact us anytime.