5 Tips for Training Bird Dogs

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5 Tips for Training Bird Dogs

Posted in : Blog, Training on by : Kevin Painter

Hunting dogs need to be socialized and trained to be effective hunting companions. If you want to have a bird dog that gets along with your kids, other people, and other dogs, you need to follow our five steps on training. Not all dogs are equally trainable and training has its limits, but it is good for them to know the basic commands and social skills.

Practice Obedience Training – A good hunting dog will have control and listen to his human. He should be able to help in a positive way. You should put in the time with your dog. You are the best person to train your dog as you will be giving the commands. Teach him to sit, stop, stay, and come.

Give Him Hands-on Experience – The best way to train your bird dog to chase, flush, point, or retrieve your birds, is to train with real birds. Whenever you can, use real birds to train them to not get too far ahead, not to flush too early, and how to track and retrieve.

Take Care of His Health – Your dog needs to be healthy and fit to be a good hunting dog. You need to make sure that he gets enough exercise every day. A walk once or twice a day should be sufficient. A game of catch can help with retrieval skills. Ensure that your dog’s health is a priority and that his shots are up to date.

Teach Him to Retrieve – If your dog is a retriever, you need to train him what you need from him. You should practice retrieving every day. Use a ball, a toy, a dummy, or even a real dead bird. Teach your dog to bring the item directly to your hand.

Practice Positive Reinforcement – When your dog is performing well and doing what you trained him to do, use positive reinforcement to reward him. Great amounts of enthusiasm will make him excited and feel happy. You can also use treats.

If you follow these training steps, you should have no problem with your bird dog. Hunting dogs also need to be socialized when they are young. Consider taking your dog to puppy training school.