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Welcome to the Double H Bird Dogs

We are all about hunting dogs of all breeds. A hunting dog is one that hunts for its human or with its human. Hunting dogs need training and socialization and there are quite a few breeds. At Double H Bird Dogs, we specialize in breeding, training, and veterinary care.

The main breeds of hunting dogs include hounds, gundogs, feists, terriers, curs and dachshunds. Some of these categories are further divided into specific breeds. For more information about hunting dog breeds, visit our BREEDS page. You can read about the different breeds and learn which type will be best suited to you and the type of hunting you want to do.

Double H Bird Dogs offer different services relating to hunting dogs. We have been operational for 10 years and have had great success with our breeding and training. All of our clients walk away happy and with well-trained puppies who become their companions and great bird dogs.

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Our three main services are:


Double H Bird Dogs breed different kinds of hunting dogs. There are strict rules, regulations, and conditions that are required for breeding and we stick to all of them. We in no way abuse or harm our breeding dogs. Their health and safety are our priority.


Our puppy training school is one of the best in the country. We specialize in giving guidelines for socialization and we have a great training facility with the best instructors. We usually only train puppies or younger dogs, but exceptions are made.

Health Care

We have a veterinary clinic on our premises. Our veterinarian specializes in treating hunting dog breeds.

For more information, continue browsing our site or contact us at info@doublehbirddogs.com.